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Dian Hong Ye Sheng

"Wild Yunnan" - juicy red tea from wild tea trees of the Yunnan large-leaved variety. Thicker and larger leaves, fewer tips, but even more taste and infusion. Typical sweet aromas and intense fruit flavors with hints of malt and prunes or apricots.

Dian Hong Jin Zhen

"Golden Needles" - an excellent variety of red tea from the Feng Qing area of Yunnan Province. The content of "Da Jin Hao" or "big golden tips" is about 60-70%. Richly hairy tips are evenly rolled. The color of the infusion is dark orange-red and remarkably clear. The aroma is more balanced and intense than in the Dian Hong Gong Fu class and you can smell the aroma of dried apricots, forest honey and peaches. The taste is very penetrating & delicate. The tea lasts many infusions, aftertaste persists in the mouth for a long time after drinking. Very good as a warming tea, which makes it especially suitable for drinking in the cold months of the year. For casual tea lovers, it does have euphoric effects.

Hua Cha Cui Ming

"Jasmine spring" - jasmine tea processed from Yunnan Cui Ming tea from the early spring harvest. Infusion of yellow color with intense jasmine aroma with a hint of fruit, fresh jasmine taste with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

"Lapsang Souchong", or "smoked tea". A traditional, handmade tea specialty from the Wu Yi Mountains of Fujian Province. Infusion very pleasant and strong, smooth, noble smoky taste with tones of dried fruit. The aroma of pine wood and needles, typical and desirable for this tea, is fully represented and harmoniously combines with the character of the tea as a whole, from which one can already recognize the authenticity and traditional production process.

Long Sheng 2006 shu Bing Cha 357g

Precizně zpracovaný pu-erh vyrobený z produkce 2006. Vůně čaje je plná a svěží, připomínající sladké čínské datle a zralé ovoce (Zao Xiang). Nálev je syté, plné chuti s nasládlými ořechovými až čokoládovitými tóny. V čaji chybí jakékoli známky zatuchlosti, trpkosti či kouřovitosti, jež jsou příznačné pro mladé a hlavně nekvalitně zpracované tmavé pu-erhy.

Bang Wai 2016 shu Bing Cha 357g

Bang Wai Shan 邦崴山: poměrně neznámá hora v okrese Fu Dong, Lan Cang s rozlehlými lesy starých divokých čajových stromů.

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