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Bai Lan Ye Sheng

"White Orchid" - white tea made from wild/uncultivated tea trees in the Lan Cang area of Yunnan. The color of the infusion is sparkling green-yellow, the aroma is herbal, slightly fruity. The taste is fresh and smooth, full, sweet herbal with hints of fruit. Aftertaste long, sweet taste.

Bai Mu Dan Ji Pin

Tea with an intense, sweet floral scent. Slightly yellow color infusion with fruity-sweet tones, velvety soft taste with a long-lasting aftertaste - perfect white tea. Refreshing 'Royal White Peony'.

Bai Mu Dan King

"Royal White Peony" - an excellent class of traditional white tea. The mark of high quality is the natural shape of the leaves, deep, shiny gray-green color and a large proportion of 'bai hao' - white hairs (from tips). The color of the infusion is yellowish-amber, the aroma is floral, reminiscent of the peony. The taste is smooth as silk and at the same time full, round. Aftertaste is very long, pleasantly sweet.

Bai Xue Long

"White Snow Dragon" - a beautifully processed white tea with an intensely sweet-herbal aroma. The yellowish, sparkling infusion smells complexly of fruit and herbs. The taste is strong, sweet, without a trace of astringency. It is one of the few newly produced white teas, which thanks to its high quality soon gained popularity not only in China but also in other countries.

Gong Mei 2018 pressed 100g

"White chocolate" or pressed white tea Gong Mei from the spring production of 2018. Delicate fruity flavors and aromas of many infusions. The tea has already been pressed for easy portioning into 18 pieces of 5.5 g, just for one smaller teapot (200 ml).

Shou Mei

Shou Mee, also known in the Czech Republic under the translation 'Eyebrows of a long age' - the basic class of white tea. Large yellow-green to light brown richly downy leaves, there are also a few thick leaves. Infusion of deep orange-yellow color with a typical aroma and taste of white teas - slightly herbal spicy to fruity with a strong aftertaste.