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2000 Liu Bao Cha

A traditional, 'pressed' version of the famous Liu Bao Cha 六 堡 茶 tea from a small non-factory production. Full and refreshing unique taste, dark-transparent colors, complex aroma.

2002 Tibet Kang Zhuan 650g

Traditional 'Tibetan' dark tea (hei cha) pressed into the shape of a brick weighing about 500g.

2003 Tibet Jin Jian Zhuan 260g

Pressed Tibetan tea from 2003. Traditional design and style. Great for further storage and maturation but also for immediate drinking. Four individually packed smaller bricks of 65 grams each.

Bang Wei 2019 Gushu Long Zhu 1pc 8g

"Dragon pearls from Bang Wei" - Fresh and invigorating intensely sweet green (sheng) pu-erh with hints of forest honey. Processed from old wild tea trees from the lesser-known Bang Wei area of Lancang. Pressed into balls of eight grams for easy dosing. The tea has strength, lasts many infusions (you can boldly enjoy it throughout the day) and has great potential for further maturation.

Bu Lang 2013 Gong Ting Gushu Ping Cha 100g

Full & dense, pleasantly sweet dark Pu'er of specific taste processed from wild tea trees. Processed exclusively from the highest quality leave - Gong Ting. The leaves are noticeably thicker and stiffer (this is gushu). Using gushu maocha for dark pu-erh is not very common. It could be said that it is a bit of a pity, but if you are the owner of wild tea trees and you have a weakness for dark pu-erh, then why not? Definitely worth tasting!

Cha Tou 2014

"Tea heads" from the Simao area, collection from 2014. Beautiful and large, tightly 'pressed'. Full, sweet and already slightly ripe flavors for many, many infusions.

Gong Ting Yi Wu 2016

Imperial Court or Courtyard - this indicates a high-quality tea made from the smallest leaf grade. Deep red color of the infusion, aroma of Chinese dates and nuts, to a creamy soft consistency and a pleasantly sweet taste.

Lao Mao Cha 1992

Mao Cha from 1992 is a successful Pu Erh with a taste of quality, naturally matured Mao Cha. The aroma and taste are typically sweetly earthy, the taste is slightly smelled of dried fruit. The tea does not have roasted tones (quality production process) and is very delicate. Infusion of dark orange to red color, sweet with a long refreshing aftertaste.

Long Sheng 2006 Tuocha 90g

Precisely processed Pu'er made (pressed) in the autumn of 2016 from material produced in 2006. The aroma of the tea is full and fresh, reminiscent of sweet Chinese dates and ripe fruit (Zao Xiang). The infusion is rich, full of flavor with sweet nutty to chocolate tones. The tea lacks any signs of stale, bitterness or smokyness, which are characteristic of young and especially poorly processed dark Pu'er.

Maocha 2021

Green (sheng) pu-erh or even better maocha from the southern areas of Yunnan. Large leaves (Da Ye) smell thin and very fresh. Tea has traditionally been dried in the sun, without accelerated modern drying in the oven, and therefore does not contain the slightest hint of unpleasant smoked. The taste is very delicate, sweet and, unlike classic green pu-erhas, it doesn't even have many fruity tones. You will find in it rather light sweetness and freshness, floral tones and long-lasting gentle aftertaste.

Meng Hai 1998 Zi Da Yi Ping Cha 357g

A dark pu-erh (shupu) cake of the original production of the Meng Hai factory from 1998, Zi Da Yi or Purple Da Yi.