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An Ji Bai Cha

Bright green slightly twisted leaves with a rich scent. You can smell the authentic aroma of green teas from An Ji in the infusion - soft and sweet with bamboo or fresh green peas. The taste is fresh, slightly fruity sweet. Aftertaste expressive and long, pleasantly sweet.

Bi Luo Chun Ji Pin

"Green Snail Spring" - It is known as the "Three Fresh", it is fragrant, strong, mellow, and bright in color. Floral and fruity, refreshing, with a special charm. The selection class of one of the ten most famous Chinese teas. Tender and pleasantly smoky taste with tones of honey and ripe fruit that leaves a long sweet aftertaste in the mouth. Very pleasant drink not only on summer days.

Chun Mei Special

Chun Mee - "Rare eyebrows". Small to medium-sized leaves are slightly rolled into the shape of arches resembling eyebrows. The color of the dry leaf is gray-green, the infusion is yellow and the taste is pronounced with sweet tones, it suffers during longer leaching. One of the basic green teas for everyday life.

Cui Ming

"Green Spring" - a higher variety of green tea from Yunnan from the early harvest, full of spring energy. Medium-sized, regularly twisted leaf. A large proportion of petals combined with a bud and two apical petals. It comes from one of the ecologically cleanest Yunnan tea plantations. Infusion of light yellow color and fresh aroma with a slightly spicy floral-fruit component, which finally sweetens on the palate and lets a pleasantly sweet aftertaste fade away.

Fu Ding Matcha

Very finely ground Chinese matcha green tea from gardens in the Fu Ding area (known mainly for white teas). Tea can be used both in the Japanese tea ceremony of chanoju and for informal home preparation or for various culinary purposes. Only the highest quality green tea leaves are used for production, which are slowly ground in stone mills after drying. With the help of gentle processing, the tea retains all the healthy substances contained and a very fresh aroma and taste.

Green Monkey

Lü Mao Hou [Lju Mao Chou] - "Green Monkey" is a famous Chinese green tea from the province of Futiijen. The tea leaf is spirally rolled, richly hairy and has a pure green color. The infusion is light green with a hazelnut scent, the taste is strong, sweet and round.


Gunpowder in the West, Zhu Cha (pearl tea) in China. It is an important export item, although it is not very popular in China itself. It is popular in the West due to its shape - the leaves are wrapped in small granules, which makes more tea reminiscent of gunpowder. Thanks to this, this tea is resistant to aging and absorption of odors (it is better transported). The infusion is yellow-green in color, tastes very strong and quite bitter, but contains a lot of healthy nutrients as well as other green teas, including tea polyphenols, zinc, flavonoids and fluoride. It is interesting in combination with mint and a lot of sugar - a drink known as "Le Tuareg".

Huang Shan Mao Feng Ji Pin

"Wild hairy peaks from the Yellow Mountains in the highest quality" - fresh fresh richly tips green tea from the Yellow Mountains in Anhui Province. Infusion of soft green color, slightly herbal scent. The taste is fresh, fresh, sweetly herbal, sweetening on the palate.

Long Jing Xi Hu

"Dragon Well from West Lake". Lake 'Xi Hu' is located near Hangzhou in eastern China. The monastery plantations around it were known from the time of the Classical Book of Tea by Lu Yüe (758 AD). Lung Ching belongs to spring teas and the best collection comes from the same period. The process of sorting, drying and roasting should be followed exactly for the production of real Lung Ching. The tea has flat leaves, a strong aroma and is sweet and beautifully fragrant in the infusion.

Long Jing Xi Hu Superior

The upper class of the well-known & popular "Dragon Wells of the West Lake" (which has a total of 13 different quality classes). Authentic Lung Ching is supposed to be processed only by hand, which requires a lot of skill and time, and thus increases the price of tea. However, the quality of such tea corresponds to the price. Dragon wells of higher varieties give a crystal clear drink of a tender emerald color with an aroma as dense as orchids and a fresh saturated taste with fruit tones.

Meng Ding Mao Feng

"Fluffy peaks of the Meng Ding Mountains" as can be translated the name 'mao feng', popular and used for many teas. It is usually used to emphasize the quality of the leaf used, when the hairy tops - buds and leaves - are abundant. Dark green, larger, regularly twisted leaf with a strong, sweet aroma. In the cup, it develops in a full, strong taste with slightly fruity, fresh undertones with an aromatic and long-lasting aftertaste.

Meng Ding Shi Hua

"Stone Flower" - an exceptional green tea from our plantations on Meng Ding Mountain. Careful collection, only the top buds with one small leaf. The first harvest of the year. Dry tea with an herbal dense aroma that literally spells. After watering, it softens and is pleasantly sweet, herbal to floral. The taste is full, round and smooth on the palate with a long, slightly spicy aftertaste.