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Bi Tan Piao Xue


"Snow Falling on Jade-Green Pool" - a beautifully poetic name hides a high-quality green tea from the early spring harvest from Mount Meng Ding which was richly scented with the best autumn jasmine, even in a ratio of 5: 1 (5 kg of jasmine flowers were used per 1 kg of tea).

Jasmine flowers are also abundant in the tea itself (although they no longer add other aromas - they have an aesthetic effect and give meaning to the poetic name of the tea).

The tea is a distinctly jasmine-sweet fruit flavor with a rich aroma that lasts for many pours.

Hua Cha Cui Ming


"Jasmine spring" - jasmine tea processed from Yunnan Cui Ming tea from the early spring harvest.

Infusion of yellow color with intense jasmine aroma with a hint of fruit, fresh jasmine taste with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Hua Cha White King


"White King"-Jasmine tea is produced in many provinces in China and is very popular (especially in the north of the country). The tea can be dried with jasmine and its odor can be absorbed, or the jasmine can be added directly to the tea. In this way, the tea acquires the aroma of jasmine, but still retains its original taste. Jasmine tea is light and pleasant. "White King" itself is a relatively high-quality green tea with rich fluff, but the addition of jasmine further improves its quality.

The white king we provide is mixed with fresh autumn jasmine in a ratio of 4:1 (gradually use 4 kg of jasmine per 1 kg of tea).

Hua Cha Yin Luo


"Silver snails" - tiny slightly twisted leaves with lots of tips. The intense sweet jasmine aroma is combined with fine green tea. High-quality jasmine green tea.