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"White Snow Dragon" - a beautifully processed white tea with an intensely sweet-herbal aroma. The yellowish, sparkling infusion smells complexly of fruit and herbs. The taste is strong, sweet, without a trace of astringency. It is one of the few newly produced white teas, which thanks to its high quality soon gained popularity not only in China but also in other countries.

A small porcelain teapot with a classic shape and a convex porcelain filter in a spout. An ancient material recipe that gives a slightly bluish tint and looks more pleasant than snow-white kaolin.

2000 Liu Bao Cha

A traditional, 'pressed' version of the famous Liu Bao Cha 六 堡 茶 tea from a small non-factory production. Full and refreshing unique taste, dark-transparent colors, complex aroma.

2002 Tibet Kang Zhuan 650g

Traditional 'Tibetan' dark tea (hei cha) pressed into the shape of a brick weighing about 500g.

2003 Tibet Jin Jian Zhuan 260g

Pressed Tibetan tea from 2003. Traditional design and style. Great for further storage and maturation but also for immediate drinking. Four individually packed smaller bricks of 65 grams each.

Abstract tea caddy


Small tin tea caddy.

An Ji Bai Cha

Bright green slightly twisted leaves with a rich scent. You can smell the authentic aroma of green teas from An Ji in the infusion - soft and sweet with bamboo or fresh green peas. The taste is fresh, slightly fruity sweet. Aftertaste expressive and long, pleasantly sweet.

Ba Xian Xiang


"Eight Immortals"-It is said that this tea can find up to eight different aromas, namely eight aromas. But everyone usually only feels one or two more tones than others. The aroma of this tea is thinner, more permeable, and also has a rich sweetness. The aroma of fruits is reminiscent of apples, a little orchid, and many other fruits...

Bai Mu Dan Ji Pin

Tea with an intense, sweet floral scent. Slightly yellow color infusion with fruity-sweet tones, velvety soft taste with a long-lasting aftertaste - perfect white tea. Refreshing 'Royal White Peony'.

Bai Mu Dan King

"Royal White Peony" - an excellent class of traditional white tea. The mark of high quality is the natural shape of the leaves, deep, shiny gray-green color and a large proportion of 'bai hao' - white hairs (from tips). The color of the infusion is yellowish-amber, the aroma is floral, reminiscent of the peony. The taste is smooth as silk and at the same time full, round. Aftertaste is very long, pleasantly sweet.

Bamboo scoop


Bamboo tea scoop.

Bamboo stitch knitting tea tray


Small tea tray of layered solid bamboo with a plastic grid and the possibility of drainage.