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Dian Hong Ye Sheng

"Wild Yunnan" - juicy red tea from wild tea trees of the Yunnan large-leaved variety. Thicker and larger leaves, fewer tips, but even more taste and infusion. Typical sweet aromas and intense fruit flavors with hints of malt and prunes or apricots.



Traditional Japanese tea varieties process not only leaves but also petioles. Therefore, the tea has the characteristics of freshness, sweetness and low caffeine content.


Sencha Shizuoka

Popular middle-class traditional Sencha, with fruity sweetness.

Sencha Ryokucha


Traditional daily Sencha. It has the typical characteristics of strong taste and rich aroma.



Japanese green tea Bancha mixed with finely fried rice, which gives it a special bread-sweet taste. In translation, the name means "Tea with unpolished rice".


Traditional basic grade of common Japanese tea, characterized by a stronger profile and a sharp, full-bodied flavor.


Vysoká třída japonského listového zeleného čaje z oblasti Shizuoka sklizená a zpracováná s maximální péčí a pečlivostí. První jarní sklizeň (Shincha) vytříbeného, intenzivně ovocně-nasládlého charakteru s typickým aftertastem.

Yunnan Da Ye

Yunnan Hong Cha [jun-nan hong ča] - Basic and most common Chinese red tea. In China, all middle-class red teas from Yunnan belong to this group. The only condition is the production of teas from the Yunnan Da Ye cultivar, ie a large-leaved variety of the Yunnan tea tree. The higher the proportion of golden tips, the higher the tea, the smoothness is less welcome - it means a higher drying temperature and thus faster tea production. The color of the infusion is orange-red to light brown, the tea smells like prunes, the taste is full, massive, when properly prepared, it is not bitter at all, aftertaste is significantly sweet to honey. Excellent tea for a great price.

The most fresh teas in our stock, up to three months.