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Dian Hong Gong Fu

Richly tipped red tea from the Simao area in Yunnan province. Infusion of dark orange color, delicate, full flavor with tones of dried apricots and ripe fruit. As with any good Dian Hong tea, you will find sweet tones that can remotely resemble dark chocolate or vanilla. The aroma is distinctly fruity and with each infusion softer and multi-layered.

Dian Hong Jin Zhen

"Golden Needles" - an excellent variety of red tea from the Meng Hai area of Yunnan Province. The content of "Da Jin Hao" or "big golden tips" is about 60-70%. Richly hairy tips are evenly rolled. The color of the infusion is dark orange-red and remarkably clear. The aroma is more balanced and intense than in the Dian Hong Gong Fu class and you can smell the aroma of dried apricots, forest honey and peaches. The taste is very penetrating & delicate. The tea lasts many infusions, aftertaste persists in the mouth for a long time after drinking. Very good as a warming tea, which makes it especially suitable for drinking in the cold months of the year. For casual tea lovers, it does have euphoric effects.

Feng Qing Gushu

"Wild Old Yunnan" - juicy red tea from old, wild-growing tea trees of the large-leaf  Yunnan variety. Thicker and larger leaves, fewer tips, but even more taste and infusions. Typical sweet fruity-woody aromas and intense fruity flavors with hints of ancient wood and dried apricots.

Hong Bao Shi

"Red gem" - smaller shiny leaves, carefully hand-shaped into smaller balls. Pleasantly warming red tea with an intense fruity aroma, full and complex, long-lasting taste with a hint of muscat. Beautiful and exceptional red tea.

Keemun Mao Feng

"Qimen Mao Feng" or "Qimen Fur Peak " - the top class of Keemun, the highest level in our offer. Unlike the lower classes, the leaves are not processed by machine but exclusively by hand. This makes the infusion cleaner and more balanced. The taste is thin, fresh with a very pleasant and long aftertaste. Flower and fruit tones, lightly chocolate, are significantly represented. The dry leaf is long, thin, slightly twisted. Multi-infusion tea more than suitable for preparation in the style of Gong Fu Cha.

Meng Ding Hong Mei

"Red plum from Meng Ding" - a higher variety of red tea from plantations on Mount Meng Ding. The smaller leaf in the form of slightly twisted needles smells like honey to slightly malty.

Meng Ding Jin Ya

"Golden shoots", luxury red tea of our production from the best gardens in Meng Ding Shan in Sichuan. The delicate, tiny, slightly spirally twisted leaf with the majority of golden tips gives off a pleasant, slightly floral-fruity scent in the dry state, which develops in full fruity tones after watering. The color of the infusion is rather orange with a hint of red. The taste is full, round and sweetly fruity with a long aftertaste. Exclusive red tea not only for connoisseurs!

Phoenix Hong Cha

"Red orchid" - red tea processed from the cultivar Shuixian, var. Mi Lan Xiang, which beautifully combines the delicate honey aroma of the popular oolong and the refreshing fruitiness of red teas. Dark orange infusion of fruity-honey aroma & refreshing full taste. At first, it tastes pleasantly fruity and straightforward, but in the end, the typical complex character of oolongs from the Phoenix mountains returns.

Tan Yang Jin Hao

"Golden Hair of Tan Yang" - This beautiful red tea has long been famous and popular in China, as is the small village of Tan Yang in the Fu'an area, Fu Tian Province, where the tea comes from. The area is famous for the production of quality red teas. The small leaf is dark, shiny in the dry state and smells sweet chocolate. The taste is sweet, slightly spicy with a pleasant aftertaste.

Tian Mu Hong Cha

"Heavenly Red Tea" - fresh, aromatic fruit red tea from Tian Mu Mountain processed from the famous Long Jing cultivar # 43. The tea comes from the same gardens and production as our Gou Qing green tea introduced last year.

Wu Yi Hong Cha

Slightly twisted, large, dark leaf with a delicate malt aroma, aromatic fruit after pouring. Golden-orange color, richly fruity, wildly sweet taste in many infusions. Processed from the wild (Ye Sheng) cultivar Qi Zhong 奇种.

Yunnan Da Ye

Yunnan Hong Cha [jun-nan hong ča] - Basic and most common Chinese red tea. In China, all middle-class red teas from Yunnan belong to this group. The only condition is the production of teas from the Yunnan Da Ye cultivar, ie a large-leaved variety of the Yunnan tea tree. The higher the proportion of golden tips, the higher the tea, the smoothness is less welcome - it means a higher drying temperature and thus faster tea production. The color of the infusion is orange-red to light brown, the tea smells like prunes, the taste is full, massive, when properly prepared, it is not bitter at all, aftertaste is significantly sweet to honey. Excellent tea for a great price.