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Hua Cha Cui Ming

"Jasmine spring" - jasmine tea processed from Yunnan Cui Ming tea from the early spring harvest. Infusion of yellow color with intense jasmine aroma with a hint of fruit, fresh jasmine taste with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Wu Yi Bai Cha Ye Sheng 2023 Orijin Tea

Sparkly yellow infusion, fresh and floral aroma. The taste is soft and full, fresh, sweet, clean, floral with a fruity background. Long aftertaste, pleasantly sweet.

Bang Wai 2023 Gushu sheng 8g

A fresh and invigorating intensely sweet green (sheng) pu-erh with notes of forest honey and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Processed from 400-500 year old wild growing tea trees from the lesser known Bang Wai area of Lancang. Pressed into tablets of eight grams for easy dosing. The tea has great strength, can withstand many, many infusions (you can safely enjoy it throughout the day) and has great potential for further maturation.

Yi Wu Mahei 2015 Gushu sheng 200g

The aroma combines four profiles - herbs, wood, fruit and flowers, the ratio of which gradually changes with each infusion. The taste has already lost the classic Puer freshness, on the other hand, a pronounced sweetness has already developed, which is complemented by still noticeable bitterness and acidity. These will continue to transform into sweetness and roundness over the years. The infusion is full, medium light, with light fruitiness and woodiness. The tea lasted 12 infusions, so it is suitable for all-day drinking.

Long Jing Da Fo #43

According to the traditional Chinese view, the real Long Jing should have four characteristics (or four treasures) - a bright green color, a dense aroma, a saturated taste and a beautiful shape. To better enjoy not only the taste but also the look of this famous tea, we recommend using a glass teapot or tall glass to prepare it. The tea is filled with water around 85 ° C. Tea should be handled with care, it is better to make it softer to maintain its delicate rich aroma.

Lü Bao Shi

"Green gem" - medium-sized leaves, carefully hand-shaped into small balls. Fresh green tea, pleasantly sweet, complex, long-lasting taste.

Long Jing Xi Hu Superior

The upper class of the well-known & popular "Dragon Wells of the West Lake" (which has a total of 13 different quality classes). Authentic Lung Ching is supposed to be processed only by hand, which requires a lot of skill and time, and thus increases the price of tea. However, the quality of such tea corresponds to the price. Dragon wells of higher varieties give a crystal clear drink of a tender emerald color with an aroma as dense as orchids and a fresh saturated taste with fruit tones.

Long Jing Xi Hu

"Dragon Well from West Lake". Lake 'Xi Hu' is located near Hangzhou in eastern China. The monastery plantations around it were known from the time of the Classical Book of Tea by Lu Yüe (758 AD). Lung Ching belongs to spring teas and the best collection comes from the same period. The process of sorting, drying and roasting should be followed exactly for the production of real Lung Ching. The tea has flat leaves, a strong aroma and is sweet and beautifully fragrant in the infusion.

Moli Tai Mu Long Zhu

Moli Tai Mu Long Zhu (Jasmine Dragon Pearls). Tightly completely hand-rolled regular balls of green tea tips, flavored with jasmine flower added in the drying process. The quality jasmine aroma lasts long after the tea is finished. Glass dishes will offer a beautiful view of the developing balls. They give a greenish fresh and strongly aromatic drink with a strong taste of jasmine combined with delicate green tea. The infusion has a light color. Compared to jasmine teas sold in regular stores, it does not have such a strong aroma. Jasmine rather underlines the tea notes, but does not overpower them. The tea tastes sweet, but the main flavor is more floral. It can be prepared for several infusions if we gradually increase the temperature.

Mei Ren Lü

"Green Beauty" - an unconventional, yet delicious, green tea made from the same small-leaved cultivar (Qing Xin Da Mao) as the local version of the famous Taiwanese oolong Dong Fang Mei Ren. Experimental green tea that worked very well.

Meng Ding Mao Feng

"Fluffy peaks of the Meng Ding Mountains" as can be translated the name 'mao feng', popular and used for many teas. It is usually used to emphasize the quality of the leaf used, when the hairy tops - buds and leaves - are abundant. Dark green, larger, regularly twisted leaf with a strong, sweet aroma. In the cup, it develops in a full, strong taste with slightly fruity, fresh undertones with an aromatic and long-lasting aftertaste.

Teas from organic gardens or from gardens maintained in a natural regime. All the teas listed here have either a Chinese organic certification (You Ji Cha) or a certificate from the German company CERES.