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Hua Cha Cui Ming


"Jasmine spring" - jasmine tea processed from Yunnan Cui Ming tea from the early spring harvest.

Infusion of yellow color with intense jasmine aroma with a hint of fruit, fresh jasmine taste with a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Hua Cha Yin Luo


"Silver snails" - tiny slightly twisted leaves with lots of tips. The intense sweet jasmine aroma is combined with fine green tea. High-quality jasmine green tea.

Meng Ding Si Bei Xiang

"The Scent of Four Cups", a popular and affordable green tea from the Meng Ding Mountains. The name of the tea derives its character with a beautiful, intense sweet aroma ... which is not all, because there are four aromas hidden in the tea, which manifest themselves gradually, with each infusion one of them, which dominates the cup, comes to the fore - hence 'aroma four cups'. Sparkling yellow infusion sharp, slightly astringent and strong taste with an intense floral-fruity trace on the palate and with a slowly fading slightly spicy aftertaste.