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Ba Xian Xiang


"Eight Immortals"-It is said that this tea can find up to eight different aromas, namely eight aromas. But everyone usually only feels one or two more tones than others. The aroma of this tea is thinner, more permeable, and also has a rich sweetness. The aroma of fruits is reminiscent of apples, a little orchid, and many other fruits...

Da Hong Pao


Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) - one of the best rock teas  (yancha) straight from the cradle of all oolongs - Wu Yi Shan. Teas grow on the region's numerous rocky cliffs, which, thanks to the local climate and stony soil, acquire special features that are later deepened by traditional processing.

Due to its unique properties and taste, Da Hong Pao is often referred to as the 'King of Teas'. The color of the leaves is dark brown, often with a charcoal luster. The taste is balanced, the aroma is strong but still soft and pleasant and aftertaste long and sweet.

Da Hong Pao Ji Pin


Rarity authentic tea from the main maternal cliff with a straight pattern leaf. A great gift for connoisseurs - the real 'King of Teas'.

Processed according to traditional methods completely by hand, dried in a charcoal oven. The dry leaves are relatively small, the same size, the color is green-black, the surface is as shiny as coal.

The tea soup is clear, bright with a deep orange. The aroma and penetration of the tea soup will make you feel as if you have tasted your first cup. The taste is deep and sweet. After brewing a few times, the tea leaves become bigger and greener, and you can see the rich fluff and feel silky. After the fifth or sixth brew, fruity and faint orchid tones appear in the taste and aroma. Long aftertaste, honey floral fragrance.

Da Hong Pao King

"The Great Scarlet Robe" - the upper class of the famous 'King of Teas'. The color of the leaves is dark green to brown. The taste is full, complex fruity with a hint of typical minerality. The aroma is strong, but still delicate and pleasant, aftertaste long and sweet.

Dong Ding Special

High-class "Frozen top" with a softer, more floral taste with a scent full of fruit tones. Ideal tea for red tea lovers who have decided to get acquainted with oolongs. The traditional roast is not as pronounced here as with the basic class of this tea, and on the contrary, more subtle greenish tones predominate. The tea is suitable for all-day drinking, ideal for preparation in the manner of gongfu - when using the aroma cup, you can find beautiful floral and fruit tones in the tea.

Dung Ding Supergrade

"Frozen top" in the traditional, there will be more baking during processing. Beautifully processed tea right from the surroundings of the village of Nantou, ie the 'birthplace' of excellent Dung Ding tea. Even tea leaf balls are processed from the Qing Xin cultivar. The tea gives off a fresh scent of classic Taiwanese oolongs. Sweet, tender and fruity - apricots, peaches, sweet tropical fruits - you will find it all in this tea! Or flowers - flowering meadows and fields. After smelling the tea, associations are formed for a summer meadow, paintings of a flowering garden and fruit trees. The tea in the infusion is rich and dense, the aroma is more floral, very sweet. The taste is tender, incredibly honey with a milky consistency.

Formosa GABA Oolong

Taiwanese oolong with a very specific aroma and a corresponding sweet taste reminiscent of overripe sweet fruit. It gives a golden-orange infusion and withstands a surprising number of taste-stable infusions. GABA content approx. 180 mg / 100g.

Gao Shan Superior

"High Mountain" - Gao Shan oolong is a typical representative of traditional alpine semi-fermented teas - dry leaves form larger balls about the size of peas, the color of the infusion is bright golden or yellow, the aroma is distinctly fruity (with citrus, apricot, peach and honey tones). The tea withstands many tasty infusions and has a long and distinctive aftertaste.

Guangxi Dong Fang Mei Ren


Richly hairy leaves with a typical fruity to honey scent. Infusion of orange color, fruity aroma and full, complex sweet and developing taste.

Recommended preparation: For optimal results, we recommend using water approx. 85 ° C for preparation.

Huang Jin Gui

"Golden Cinnamon" - A wonderful tea from the famous mountain area of An Xi. The tea is very expressive and floral, but not only that - you will also find mountain herbs, wild strawberries and thick caramel sweetness.

Huang Zhi Xiang


The aroma of tea is sweet and fruity, floral, citrus and peach aromas. In more and more brewing processes, the color of the infusion changed from soft golden pink to amber. The taste is obviously fruity, sweet and refreshing. The aftertaste is strong honey with a gooseberry hue.

This tea can withstand many brews and is definitely one of the most unique teas in our collection at an affordable price, but it is also of high quality.

Jin Xuan Nai Xiang

"Golden flower with a milky scent" - tea of bright yellow and pure infusion color (Western tea testers refer to it as 'amber'), the aroma is caramel-milk, yet tea-fresh. The taste is soft, warm and pleasant with a 'memory of milk' - one that gives the impression of sweet condensed milk and childhood memories.