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Shou Mei 2013 40g

Shou Mei, also known in the Czech Republic as 'Eyebrows of Long Age'. This is a basic grade of white tea, but we have left it to mature in our warehouse for 10 years. The leaves are richly downy, with a few thick tips here and there. Now after such a long time in storage they are more brown than usual. The infusion has also darkened - it is a deep orange-yellowish colour with a typical 'medicinal' aroma and taste, a heavier spicy herbaceousness and a light fruitiness. The aftertaste is very distinctly sweet and lasts and lasts.

Shou Mei

Shou Mee, also known in the Czech Republic under the translation 'Eyebrows of a long age' - the basic class of white tea. Large yellow-green to light brown richly downy leaves, there are also a few thick leaves. Infusion of deep orange-yellow color with a typical aroma and taste of white teas - slightly herbal spicy to fruity with a strong aftertaste.